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Exfoliating Citrus Body Wash

Exfoliating Citrus Body Wash

This Body Wash has AOS (Alpha Olefin Sulfonate) and Coco Betain as the surfactants which has a lot of foam and bubbles. This makes it a luxurious body wash. It also has lactic acid as mild exfoliator and pH adjuster. Jojoba beads would be a physical exfoliator.

Ingredients Required:

Phase A:

AOS 25%

Coco Betain 20%

Phase B:

Xanthan Gum 0.5%

Glycerin 10%

Water 38.3%

Phase C:

Lactic acid 1.2%

Orange extract 0.2%

Aloe Vera extract 0.2%

Orange essential oil 1.2%

Bergamot essential oil 0.4%

Salt 1%

Preservative Eco 1%

Jojoba beads 1%

Equipment required:

100ml glass beakers

Stirring rods or Spatula

Double Boiler

Tottle bottle or Pump bottle

Weighing scale (that measures upto 0.01g)

Cups to measure ingredients


  • Add Xanthan gum in glycerin and hydrate.


  • Pour water in the hydrated xanthan gum.
  • Add surfactants AOS and Coco betain.

  • Heat it on double boiler for 5 minutes so that gum dissolves properly 
  • Add Phase C ingredients once it comes to room temperature.

  • Pour it in tottle bottle.



  • Xanthan gum can be replaced with HEC.
  • Essential oils and extract can be of your choice.
  • You could use other exfoliating ingredients.
  • SLES can be used in place of AOS.


Disclaimer: This blog is for educational and informational purposes only.


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Love the formulation! Could you link where you purchased the tottle bottles from? I keep seeing sellers with exorbitant pricing. Also, you guys can also stock the bottles. That would be a gamechanger :)

@Ishita Manek – Hello Mam , Coco betain is available with us (https://ases.in/products/cocobetaine). Only Aloe vera is of 2 types, rest all are 10:1 extracts , please use 10:1 extract…. thanks for the suggestion, will keep that in mind for next time

Hi, it mentions salt….is that regular table salt? I wanted to know if coco betain is available with you’ll as I couldnt find it on the website. Also, the extracts mentioned….what ratio extract is to be used (eg aloe 2:1, 10:1?)? I was confused as there are 2 types on your website. Would love to try this out at home, would suggest that the ingredient list mention the exact form (liquid/powder/ratio) of the ingredient as mentioned on your website as it makes it easier to select it for someone with no chemistry back ground :) I hope to try this recipe once I get these clarifications.

Hello Mam, body wash isn’t recommended to be used as face wash as bodywash has higher active surfactant matter. We will soon have a blog on facewash , you can refer that :)

Can we use face wash als nd aos not suitable eye irritation r der any alternative

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