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Sulfate Free Shampoo Bar

Sulfate Free Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars are sustainable and easy to use. They last long and are also efficient.
This Shampoo bar is Sulfate free and is made of single powder surfactant SCI,
which is milder and suitable for many hair types. It is a conditioning shampoo bar,
which doesn’t make hair dry.


Note on ingredients used:



Surfactants used

SCI: Sodium Cocyl Isethionate (Anionic Surfactant) – SCI is also known as baby
foam, it is gentle and milder surfactant which has good foam and rinsing properties.
Coco Betaine (Amphoteric surfactant) & Decyl glucoside (Non-ionic surfactant) –
These are the secondary surfactants which make shampoo bar more milder and
also help to solubilize SCI.


Conditioning ingredients:

BTMS 50- It is the popular hair conditioning ingredient. BTMS makes hair soft and
GHTC (Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride)- It is also hair conditioning
ingredient which adds slip, reduces frizz.
Polyquat 7- Adds shine and reduces frizz.


Moisturising ingredients:

Hydrolysed Rice Protein-Hydrolysed proteins help hair look healthy. Rice water and
rice protein are widely used in hair products in certain countries.
Glycerine- is the most effective, hydrating and moisturizing ingredient.
Spirulina extract- Strong anti-oxidant which also helps hair look healthy.


Other ingredients:

CCTG- is a kind of natural silicone.
Cocoa butter, Stearic acid- adds conditioning properties. Also makes shampoo bar
hard. But the disadvantage in adding oils and butters is that it reduces foam. If you
don’t mind less foam, this would be your go-to shampoo bar.


Ingredients required:

Phase A:
SCI 85 50%
Coco Betain 10%
Decyl Glucoside 10%

Phase B:
Cocoa Butter 6.7%
BTMS 50 10%
Stearic acid 5%
GHPTC 0.2%

Phase C:
Polyquat 7 1%
Fragrance Oils 1%
Preservative Eco 1%
Hydrolysed Rice Protein 2%
Spirulina extract 0.1%
Glycerine 2%

Equipment required:

100ml glass beakers
Stirring rods and Spatulas
Heating mantle or Double boiler
Glass bottle or serum container
Weighing scale (that measures up to 0.01g)
Cups to measure ingredients


1) Measure Phase A ingredients in a beaker and Phase B ingredients in another

2) Heat both the beakers on a double boiler until emulsifiers are melted and
surfactants are dissolved. ( Do not over heat)
3) Once SCI is dissolved in surfactants and forms a paste kind of consistency,
remove the beakers from heat.

4) You could mix ingredients from both the beakers in a bowl or you can smash
and mix it with your hand.(Note: Ingredients would be at higher temperature,
so do not mix with hands. Use gloves or spatula)
5) Add cool down ingredients when it is at room temperature.
6) Take some part of the shampoo bar, test pH and adjust to 5.5.
7) Add few drops of citric acid or lactic acid if the pH is higher.
8) Mix the dough again after adding citric acid.
9) Press in a mold to shape it perfectly or shape it with your hand. Either way it
would be beautiful. Leave it for a day or two to harden.


1) Other powder surfactants like SLSA, SCS can also be added along with
SCI and stearic acid, butters can be removed.
2) Extracts, Hydrolyzed Proteins and F.O can be of your choice.
3) Coco glucoside can be used in place of decyl glucoside.
4) CCTG can be substituted with dimethicone.
5) Lactic acid can be used for Glycerin

If you would like to share us your creations, do tag us on Instagram @ases.chem
Disclaimer: This blog is for educational and informational purposes only.


i want to purchase raw material

i want to purchase raw material

Wnt to purchase all the raw ingredients pl cont on 93777 34822

Wnt to purchase all the raw ingredients pl cont on 93777 34822

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