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Papaya Enzyme Cleansing Buff Formulation

Papaya Enzyme Cleansing Buff Formulation


Did you hear about cleansing buff before? Some of the natural brands sell these. These are popular for its easy use and mild nature.

Cleansing Buff or Cleansing grains are other names of foaming face wash powder. They are mild but cleanse nicely.

Cleansing buff contain

  • Natural fruit powders like coconut powder, papaya powder, cranberry powder;
  • Natural powder extracts like Aloevera extract;
  • Powder humectants like betaine, hyaluronic acid;
  • Clays like Kaolin clay, Moroccan clay;
  • Thickening agents like cornstarch, arrow root powder;
  • Exfoliants like Jojoba beads, walnut shell powder

(Preservatives: optional since water is not added and the container used doesn’t introduce water into it)

  • These also contain powder surfactants like SCI, SLSa and sometimes a minor amount of liquid surfactants like Coco betaine to foam.

About the ingredients:

Often natural/fruit powders are added for its natural properties, fragrance and color.

Humectants add moisture to the skin while clays/ surfactants help in removing dirt and oil.

Thickening agents build some texture when water is added but it is optional.

Ingredients required to make this Enzyme Cleansing Buff:

Coconut Milk Powder 7.5g

Litchi Powder 7.5g

SCI powder 5g

Kaolin Clay 27.45g

Xanthan Gum 1g

Papain powder 1g

Hyaluronic acid powder 0.05g

Jojoba beads 0.5g


Here are few other cleansing buffs that you can make:


(Xanthan gum, arrow root powder is optional in all)


Pink soothing cleansing buff

Strawberry powder 10g                  


Rose powder 10g


Calamine clay 22.99g


Aloe 200x 0.01g


SCI 5g


Green tea extract 2g


Vitamin rich cleansing buff

Tomato powder 10g


Carrot powder 10g


Moroccan red clay 22.99g


SCI 5g


Mulberry extract 2g


Aloe 200x 0.01g


Summer themed cleansing buff

Mango fruit powder 10g


Pineapple fruit powder 10g


Bentonite clay 22.45g


Charcoal beads 0.5g


HA 0.05g


Witch hazel extract 2g


SCI 5g


Equipment required:

Powder containers

50ml glass beakers

Steel or Glass Stirring rods and Spatulas

Nose mask

Weighing scale (that measures up to 0.01g)

Cups to measure ingredients


Head cap

Eye goggles/ glasses



  • Measure all the ingredients in a beaker. You can sieve the powders before adding.

         Note: Wear a mask to prevent inhaling the powders like SCI.


  • Mix everything for few minutes.


  • Pour in powder type of containers.




How to use?

  • Take some powder in hand and add water to foam.
  • Apply on face and rinse it off.
  • You can leave for few minutes like a mask and rinse off too.


It doesn’t foam a lot but has little creamy foam. It is suitable specially for dry skin.



If you would like to share us your creations, do tag us on instagram @ases.chem

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational and informational purposes only.


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Great recipe

Excellent formulatation.

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