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Colours F&C Powder Water Soluble

These are powdered form of colours which can be used in Food and Cosmetics. The powders are highly concentrated; use them sparingly. Use them in the most natural light possible to achieve the truest colour representation. After the colour is mixed ,let the mixture sit for a few minutes prior to use for the colour to darken fully.
Colour Amaranth WS
From Rs. 118.00
Colour Grape WS (F&C)
From Rs. 413.00
Carmoisine WS (F&C)
From Rs. 118.00
Colour Quinoline Yellow WS (F&C)

1 review
From Rs. 177.00
Apple Green Colour WS (F&C)

1 review
From Rs. 306.80
Allura Red WS (F&C)
From Rs. 413.00
Colour Cola WS (F&C)
From Rs. 295.00