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Chelated Micronutrients (Foliar Application)

Frustrated that even after putting loads of micronutrients your crop is not giving the desired results? You need to put chelated compounds then!

What happens with chelates is that an organic molecule will cling to the metal cation to form a ring-like structure. Chelation is important because it makes the metal ions more available for uptake. Since Zn, Mn, Cu, and Fe are all cations they can react with Hydroxide (OH) Ions which will make them unavailable and make your micronutrient fertilizer noneffective. The “Claw” that is part of the chelates binds to the metal atom and protects it so that it can not link with OH ions. This will allow the plant to be able to absorb the metal ion.

EDTA Copper (Cu 12%) Micronutrient

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