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Emulsified Lemon and Spirulina Sugar Scrub

Emulsified Lemon and Spirulina Sugar Scrub

Sugar is a gentle exfoliator, it removes off the dead skin cells making skin soft and supple. It is not harsh as salt and easily accessible in all the stores. Lemon essential oil adds some anti-oxidant properties and has a relaxing fragrance. Spirulina is also rich in anti-oxidants; this combination makes it a must-have scrub.


Ingredients required: 100g

Heated phase:           

Shea butter 10g

Mango butter 15g

Almond oil 9g

Emulsifying wax NF 8g

Cetyl Alcohol 2g

Stearic acid 4g

Cool down phase:

Sugar 50g

Preservative eco 1g

Lemon E.O 0.7g

Spirulina extract 0.2g

Vitamin E Tocopherol 0.1g

Equipment required:

100ml glass beakers

Stirring rods or Spatula

Double Boiler

Jars or containers

Weighing scale (that measures upto 0.01g)

Cups to measure ingredients



  • Measure all the heated phase ingredients using a scale and add in a beaker. Scale used here measures up to 0.01g.


  • Heat on a double boiler or in oven checking every 10 seconds.
  • Double boiler or Bain Marie: Put the beaker with ingredients in a steel pot of water. Direct heat on stove can degrade the quality of ingredients and can burn them. Double boiler increases the heat slowly and melts the solid ingredients.
  • If you are using oven, heat for 60 seconds or until ingredients are melted. Be aware that continuous heat can cause glass to break and it can blast. Keep checking every 10 seconds by opening the oven and stirring the ingredients.

  • Once the ingredients are melted and removed off heat, rest it for few minutes until it comes to room temperature.
  • Stir it and add granulated sugar slowly.
  • Add Lemon E.O, Vitamin E and Preservative eco.
  • Spirulina can be added to the entire mixture or add in half to create two color layers.

  • Leave it for 2-3 hours or over-night to set and pour in jars. Leaving it for few hours will make it hard since we have the thickeners.


  • Butters, Oils, Essential oils, Extracts can be swapped with the ones that you like. We have a wide range of ingredients, check out our site. Just a note, different essential oils have different usage rates, check out the usage rate before direct swap.
  • Cetearyl alcohol 5-6% can be used in place of cetyl alcohol and stearic acid.

If you like the scrub, do share it with your friends so that they can make this beautiful scrub too.


Disclaimer: This blog is for educational and informational purposes only.


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