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Colours Lake F&C Oil Dispersible

A lake colour or lake pigment is basically insoluble in nature and colours through dispersion. Lakes are produced through precipitation of soluble dyes with some metallic salt. Thus, lake colours are manufactured with the help of FD&C dyes and can thus be easily mixed with fats, sugars and oils. After colouring they leave a precipitate at the bottom which needs to be removed. The biggest advantage is they don't bleed.


Uses:Coated and Compressed Tablets Pharmaceutical Suspension Ointments Wet Granulation Capsules.Sugar & Fondant Icing Oil-based Coatings Frosting Sugars.Lotions Creams Lipsticks Tooth Powders Powders Eyeliners Eye Shadows.Wax Coatings for Cheese Variegating Sauces Milk Products Yogurts.Confectionery Coated Candies Wafers Chewing Gum Gum Products.Dry Beverage Bases Dessert