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Rose Natural Mild Foaming Facewash

Rose Natural Mild Foaming Facewash

This face wash is sulphate free, natural and gentle. It is a fragrance free product with mild fragrance from rose water which makes it suitable for sensitive skin too.

Decyl glucoside and Coco betain are gentle surfactants which make a smooth rich lather, easy to rinse off. Glycerin adds some humectant properties along with D Panthenol for moisturizing properties.

Chamomile and Rose extracts added are soothing for skin.

Sodium gluconate is a natural chelating agent. Generally chelating agents are added to increase foam and stabilise cosmetic formulations.



Ingredients required: 100g

Phase A:

Decyl Glucoside 10%

Coco betain 8%

Phase B:

Glycerin 5%

Distilled Water 23.15%

Rosewater 50%

Phase C:

D Panthenol 0.5% 

Lactic acid 0.15%

Preservative Eco 1%

Chamomile extract 1%

Rose extract 1%

Sodium gluconate 0.2%

Equipment required:

100ml glass beakers

Stirring rods and Spatulas

Foaming Pump Bottle

Weighing scale (that measures upto 0.01g)

Cups to measure ingredients



  • Measure Phase A ingredients in a beaker.



  • Add Phase B ingredients slowly in Phase A without stirring much.
  • If you stir vigorously, it will increase foam in the beaker. However foam will settle down in a day after pouring in bottle, so need not worry even if it has lot of foam and bubbles.


  • Add Phase C ingredients and stir again.


  • Pour into the foaming bottle.






  • Decyl glucoside can be substituted with Coco glucoside or Caprylyl/ Capryl glucoside, Coco betaine with Cocamidopropyl betaine , sodium gluconate with EDTA.
  • Extracts can be of your choice.
  • Combination of Potassium Sorbate 0.2% and Sodium Benzoate 1% can be used in place of Preservative Eco.


If you make and like this foaming face wash, do tag us on instagram @ases.chem

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational and informational purposes only.


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