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How to make body lotion cream at home

How to make body lotion cream at home

It’s not simply a nice sensation to slather yourself in moisturiser as soon as you are out after a shower but it’s a necessity. Those few extra seconds spent rubbing in a cream or oil are the difference between scaly skin and a glowing complexion all over.  However, if you find yourself blowing through bottle after bottle (it’s easy to fly through product, especially if you’re diving into it after each rinse), try this: Make a lotion jug for yourself. Making a simple lotion is far simple than you might assume.

In all, you only need three ingredients: a carrier oil (such as jojoba, coconut, or almond), a liquid (rosewater, aloe, or distilled water), and wax to hold it all together.

Optional: essential oil of your choice, shea butter (to make it particularly nutritious), vitamin E or rosemary extract

To make your own body lotion, follow these steps:

In a heatproof glass measuring cup or Mason jar, combine the wax, carrier oil, and shea butter (if using).

Make a double boiler by filling a small pot halfway with water and boiling it. When the water begins to boil, reduce the heat to a low simmer and submerge the glass bowl or cup in the water.

Remove the cup from the heat after stirring the ingredients with a spoon until they are completely melted.

Fill a small glass or metal bowl halfway with the ingredients and set aside to cool to room temperature.

While using an immersion blender, slowly add your liquid (aloe, water, or hydrosol) and other optional components. (If you don’t have an immersion blender, pour the ingredients into a standing blender instead of a bowl and blend on low while gently adding the ingredients.)

Blend until the mixture reaches a creamy consistency.

Make your own body lotion at home by scooping into a glass jar with a lid and storing in the fridge for up to one month. Now if you’re wondering where you can find all of these ingredients to manufacture your own body lotion, you can put your fears to rest because Aseschem has the solution to your dilemma. Yes, you read that correctly. Aseschem has been offering cosmetic ingredients since 1942, and is known for providing the best and safest ingredients for any product you want to make. We are working day and night to bring a change in the cosmetics market by delivering the best ingredients to our clients. So, what exactly are your searching now? Come in and get the ingredients you need to make the best cosmetic product right now!


@Saloni Mehra mam you can check under the formulation tab on our website for formulations with detailed description and proportions

What’s the proportion of the ingredients. Share the formula also so that I can actually make it

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