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 Barium Sulphide for Hair Removal

Barium Sulphide for Hair Removal

The inorganic chemical compound barium sulphide is a type of inorganic compound. That it is a mixture of at least two additional substances in a precise proportion. It is employed in a variety of applications due to its chemical properties. In the cosmetics business, barium sulphide is highly popular. Barium sulphide is one of the most active and widely used components in hair removal lotions.

For hair removal, it’s usually combined with other active substances. This chemical molecule has been used in medicine for almost 90 years! Most shaving and depilatory creams contain the inorganic chemical barium sulphide as one of its components. This chemical can cause hair to fall out. As a result, it facilitates the eradication of body hair. Apply the cream to your skin and wait for the chemical ingredient in this composition to begin acting.

You may simply remove the hair once the protein structure of the hair dissolves. This procedure can take up to 10 minutes, depending on hair growth. So, how do you use barium sulphide to remove hair?

The following are the steps you must take to make a Barium Sulphide Hair Removal Cream

  • Preheat the water phase to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Stir in our barium sulphide into the heated water phase.
  • At 40 degrees, combine the remaining ingredients of the formulation.
  • Stir constantly until the mixture is complete.


You can also use it to remove hair by mixing it with natural powders like Sandalwood powder and Rose petal powder and then mixing it with rose water and applying to skin.

Body hair removal with barium sulphide is fantastic. It acts rapidly and usually has positive results. Now that you’ve learned about all of the benefits of barium sulphide, you’re probably curious about where you can get it and how to use it on your skin. So, here’s some wonderful news. For the enhancement of your skin, Aseschem will supply barium sulphide. Aseschem is a cosmetic ingredient provider based in India that is delivering quality products since 1942. We guarantee that we will never let your trust down. Though barium sulphide is very helpful in hair removal, one must be careful while using it as it also carries some harmful effects with it. Barium sulphide is a poison so it should never be used internally and near mouth in any case. Keep it away from kids.

So, what are you wondering now? Get your desired product at Aseschem now!


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