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Alpha-hydroxy acids in Skincare Products

Alpha-hydroxy acids in Skincare Products

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a class of acids originating from both plants and animals and are present in many cosmetic products. These consist of regular anti-aging items like serums, toners, and lotions as well as seldom focused treatments like chemical peels.


There are seven different forms of AHAs that are frequently found in skincare products. These consist of:


Citrus juice (from citrus fruits)

Glucosamine acid (from sugar cane)

Hydroxycaproic acid(from royal jelly)

Hydroxycaprylic acid (from animals)

Lactate acid (from lactose or other carbohydrates)

Acetic acid (from fruits)

Tartaric acid, a grape product


The effectiveness and applications of AHAs have been extensively studied. Glycolic and lactic acids, however, are the most promising and thoroughly studied AHAs now on the market. Additionally, there is reduced chance of discomfort with these two AHAs. As a result, glycolic acid or lactic acid are present in the majority of over-the-counter (OTC) AHAs.


The main purpose of AHAs is exfoliation.

Additionally, they can:


Reduce the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen and blood flow to treat discolouration caused by scars and age spots.


Prevent acne outbreaks


Improve the way you look and the way that product is absorbed


The main purpose of AHAs is to exfoliate your skin. In actuality, this serves as the cornerstone for all the other advantages AHAs provide.


Exfoliation is the process of removing the superficial skin cells. In addition to clearing away dead skin cells, this also promotes the production of new skin cells.


Your skin's normal cell cycle slows down with age, which can cause dead skin cells to accumulate. Dead skin cells that are present in excess might build up and give you a lacklustre complexion.



Dead skin cells are disintegrated when these acids exfoliate your skin. The new skin that is seen beneath is more vibrant and lighter. AHAs with glycolic acid can assist in reducing skin cell buildup, while products with citric acid can further lighten your skin.



A protein-rich fibre called collagen keeps your skin smooth and plump. These fibres degrade with age. Sun damage could hasten the breakdown of collagen. Skin that is sallow and sags as a result of this.


Your skin's middle layer contains collagen (dermis). Products like AHAs can start working on the dermis once the top layer (epidermis) has been removed. By eliminating existing collagen fibres to make room for new ones, AHAs may aid in the promotion of collagen synthesis.



Anti-inflammatory qualities of AHAs can aid in promoting blood flow to the skin. This can improve dull, pale skin tones. By way of oxygen-rich red blood cells, proper blood flow also guarantees that skin cells receive the nutrients they require.



With age, the risk of skin darkening rises. For instance, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause age spots (lentigines), flat brown blotches. They typically appear on your chest, hands, and face because these are the body parts that are exposed to the sun the most.



When your pores are blocked by a concoction of bacteria, oil (sebum), and dead skin cells, acne pimples develop. AHA exfoliation can aid in removing the clog and loosening it. Continued use may also stop blockages from developing in the future.


AHAs may also help to minimise enlarged pores, which are frequently present in skin that is prone to acne. Even acne scars can be diminished by the exfoliating effects of glycolic and lactic acids on skin cells. Other AHAs, like citric and malic acids, are included in some acne treatments as well to help calm irritated skin.


AHAs aren't only for the face, either! You can use AHA products on your behind and chest, as well as other acne-prone areas.


AHAs may be the best things for you to choose if you're searching for considerable exfoliation. AHA-containing serums, toners, and creams can be used to exfoliate your skin every day, or you can use a stronger peel treatment once or twice per week.


Because of their potent effects, AHAs are among the most studied beauty products, but not everyone should use them. Before using these kinds of products, consult your dermatologist or skin care professional if you have any pre-existing skin conditions. They can assist you in choosing the ideal AHA based on your skin type and skincare objectives. If you're thinking to buy Alpha Hydroxy Acid, then Aseschem is the best choice for it. Aseschem the most trusted cosmetic supplier since 1942, provides you the quality you need and that's what makes us best from others. So what are you waiting for? Get your Alpha Hydroxy Acid from Aseschem now!

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