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Sodium Lactate 60%

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 DESCRIPTION- This world-class humectant is made by the fermentation of sugar, which can come from corn or beets, to produce lactic acid. This marvelous ingredient is used in personal care items and cosmetics all around the globe.

INCI Name- Sodium Lactate

Molecular Formula- C3H5NaO3

Alternate Names- Sodium DL-lactate, Lactic Acid Sodium Salt, Compound Sodium Lactate Solution, Monosodium Lactate

Purity of the Ingredient-60%

Country of Origin- China


  • This ingredient works to keep your skin’s surface supple and bouncy.
  • It provides everlasting hydration when added to soaps, shampoos, creams, etc.
  • It replenishes your skin with moisture to remove flakiness and dryness.
  • You can add it to your formulations to treat eczema, psoriasis, and other skin-related issues.
  • When used in cosmetics, it functions as a preservative and when used in food products it acts as a bulking agent.
  • It also stabilizes your cosmetic formulations and makes them stable.


  • It acts as a pH adjustor and a buffering agent in many formulations.
  • It works by attracting moisture into the skin and locking it there.


  • It is soluble in water and ethanol and is insoluble in fats.
  • It is generally used at a concentration of 1% to 3% of the weight of the formulation


  • Heat the water phase.
  • Add our sodium lactate to the heated water phase.
  • Blend and let the mixture cool down.
  • Incorporate the oil phase into it and also all the surfactants to make the final preparation.