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corn starch

Corn starch

In the food sector as well as in other industries like medicine and cosmetics, corn starch powder is a useful product with a wide range of uses. It is a fine, white powder that is manufactured from maize endosperm and has no discernible flavour or aroma.


Baking and cookery frequently call for the use of corn starch powder as a thickener. It creates a paste that thickens the mixture when heated in the presence of a liquid, such as milk or water. When making sauces, gravies, and custards, for example, this is helpful. To assist the batter, maintain its structure and shape during baking, corn starch powder is frequently used in cake and cookie recipes.


In processed goods like sausages and processed meats, corn starch powder is also utilised as a binding agent. It assists in keeping the components together and averting their separation. In addition, as it crisps up into a golden-brown crust when cooked, corn starch powder can be used as a coating for fried meals.

Corn starch powder has several uses outside of the food business. In medicine, it serves as both a filler and a binder for tablets and capsules. To relieve skin irritants and rashes, it can also be applied as a dusting powder. Corn starch powder is used in a variety of cosmetic products, including powders, lotions and creams, as it aids in drawing moisture and excess oil from the skin.

The adaptability of maize starch powder is one of its key advantages. It is a helpful element in a variety of dishes and has a wide range of applications. In addition, maize starch powder is free of gluten, making it a safe ingredient for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


Removes Extra Oil

The ability of maize starch powder to absorb extra oil is one of its key advantages in cosmetics. It is therefore a great element for skin care products for those with oily skin. Applying maize corn starch powder to the face causes it to absorb extra oil and sebum, leaving the skin looking matte and shiny-free. This may aid in lessening pore visibility and preventing outbreaks.


Comforts Irritable Skin

The anti-inflammatory qualities of corn starch powder can aid to calm inflamed skin. It can aid in reducing itching, redness, and inflammation when applied to the skin. Because of this, corn maize starch powder is a great ingredient for goods intended for persons with sensitive skin or skin conditions.


Enhanced Skin Texture

By giving the face a smooth, velvety feel, corn starch powder can aid in improving the texture of the skin. This makes it a great component for goods like foundation, primers, and powders. When used topically, maize starch powder serves to smooth out the skin's texture by filling in fine creases and wrinkles. This might contribute to the immaculate, airbrushed appearance.


Creates a Barrier to Prevent Moisture

When used as an ingredient in products for people with dry skin, corn starch powder can aid to act as a barrier against moisture. The way maize starch powder works on the skin is by forming a barrier that helps to lock in moisture and stop the skin from drying out. This can maintain the skin's hydration and healthy appearance.


Enhances Adhesion

corn starch powder can aid in enhancing the way cosmetics adhere to the skin. It can aid in the prolongation of the staying power of items like eyeshadow and blush when added to those products. This is a great element for people who want their makeup to last all day because it can lessen the need for touch-ups throughout the day.


Uses of corn starch in cosmetics


Face Powder

Commonly used in face powders, corn starch powder absorbs extra oil and leaves skin looking smooth and velvety. With its ability to lessen shine and stop breakouts, it is a great component for persons with oily skin.


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos that remove excess oil and revitalise the hair also contain corn starch powder. It can offer the hair a clean, revitalised appearance when applied to the roots without the use of water.



For a smooth, flawless finish and to improve the texture of the skin, corn starch powder is frequently used in foundations. It contributes to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and improving the texture of the skin. Furthermore, corn starch powder in foundations can aid in regulating oil production and maintaining matte skin.



In order to make the skin possess a smooth, even surface, primers are items that are used before makeup. To help close pores and establish a barrier against moisture, primers frequently contain corn starch powder. In doing so, you may be able to increase the longevity and stickiness of your cosmetic items. 


Highlighters and Blushes

In order to increase adherence and reduce creasing, corn starch powder is also utilised in blush and eyeshadow. It can help to keep these products in place for longer and stop them from fading throughout the day when added to them.



Sunscreens also contain corn starch powder to enhance the product's texture and facilitate application. Additionally, it can aid in absorbing extra oil and stop the sunscreen from making the skin feel greasy.


Corn starch powder is a fantastic option for a number of uses, from face powders to sunscreens, due to its capacity to absorb excess oil, calm inflamed skin, and increase adherence. Aseschem is able to give you access to a constant and dependable source of this important product because we are a supplier of high-quality corn starch powder.


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