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DESCRIPTION- This transparent liquid is known to be the ultimate additive in personal care and cosmetic items. It is not an active skincare ingredient but is used to balance PH of the formulation

INCI Name- Triethanolamine

Molecular Formula- C6H15NO3 

Active Content- 85%

Country of Origin- India


  • Triethanolamine is a surfactant and a wonderful emulsifier that can be found in almost all the products like cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical and industrial.
  • You will see sunscreen lotions, fragrances, laundry detergents, creams, polishes, shampoos, paints, printing ink, etc. containing it.
  • If you have sensitive or oily skin opt for products with this to relieve the wacky and sticky feeling of the formulation.
  • Improves the texture and feel of the formulation.
  • Add our triethanolamine to your DIY mixes to create stable solutions and enhance the solubility of oils in aqueous bases.
  • This will adjust the pH of your products if they are not neutral.
  • Does not cause allergies and is non-toxic.


  • Its fat content buffers the pH to protect the skin and hair from damage.
  • It works by solubilizing the oils and other ingredients in water by acting as an emulsifier.


  • The recommended maximum concentration of use is pegged at 2.5%.
  • It is soluble in water, methanol, acetone, and petroleum ether and insoluble in oil.


  • Disperse our triethanolamine in water along with Carbomer 940
  • Stir until a gel is formed.
  • Combine the oil phase with this water phase at room temperature.
  • A homogeneous solution will be formed.
  • Add active ingredients after cooling down the mixture.