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Tetra-Sodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP)

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Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is a white powdered chemical found in detergents. It improves the ability of different detergent components to pervade deeper into the fibers of clothes, as well as other surfaces and materials to be cleaned. 

INCI Name- Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate

Molecular Formulate- Na4P2O7

Alternative Names- Sodium pyrophosphate, tetrasodium phosphate or TSPP

Purity of the ingredients- 98%

Country of Origin- India


  • Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is used as a pH buffer in detergents to extend the life of the clothes.
  • It keeps soap scum and insoluble salts off of your garments.
  • It has no odour, so it will not irritate your breathing when using it.
  • It helps with foaming and bubbling in washing.


  • It works as a water softener, and an emulsifier to protect clothes fibre from fading.
  • It permits dirt and oil to be removed from clothing and prevents it from being redeposited in the wash.


  • It is recommended that it should be used at a concentration of 5 to 20%.
  • It has low solubility in water and is insoluble in alcohol.