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Polysorbate 80

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DESCRIPTION- Extracted by chemical processes from the sweet-smelling fruits like apples, pears, peaches, and prunes, this surfactant is used in cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical, food, drug, textile, and metalworking industries.

 INCI Name- Polysorbate 80

 Molecular Formula- C64H124O26

 Alternate Names- Tween 80, Polyoxyethylene [80] Sorbitan Monooleate

Country of Origin- India


  • You can find it in watery concoctions like room sprays, body sprays, and hand washes. Polysorbate 80 is used to disperse oils evenly so they don’t separate in shampoos, conditioners, face washes, lipsticks, etc.
  • It is the reason behind the creaminess of your products.
  • It boosts rinse off and adds extra strength to your other surfactants.
  • Seldom it is used as a food additive in wines and ice-creams.
  • It is used in sauces to keep their texture smooth.
  • It is also used to improve the consistency of gel capsules and to make the pills disperse in the stomach.


  • It works by breaking the water tension of the surface to allow the lifting of dirt and oil.
  • It acts as an emulsifier to improve the consistency of any product.
  • It acts as a solubilizer that blends all the ingredients.


  • As a food additive, it is added up to 0.5% concentration.
  • In bath and body products, the recommended concentration is up to 2%.
  • For other industrial purposes, the concentration can go up to 20%.
  • It is soluble in both water and oil.


  • To the heated oil phase add our polysorbate 80.
  • Stir and dissolve it completely.
  • Once it cools down to room temperature add water.
  • Keep agitating constantly until an emulsion forms.