Copper Oxide Red

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Copper oxide red is a mineral found in nature. It is used in glass, artificial jewels, enamels, and ceramics as a red color. In a reducing environment, the hue can fluctuate from blood red to purple to brown and then to green in an oxidizing kiln. Fungicide, insecticide, antiseptic for fishnets, and antifouling agent are all applications for red copper oxide.

Molecular Formulae- Cu2O

Alternative Names- Copper (I) Oxide, Cuprous Oxide, Dicopper oxide,

Country of Origin- India


  • Copper oxide red is extensively used in marine paints as a pigment, fungicide, and antifouling agent.
  • Copper oxide red, a substantial byproduct of copper mining, serves as the starting point for the manufacture of various copper salts. Many wood preservatives, for example, are made from copper oxide.
  • It is a pigment used in ceramics to create blue, red, and green glazes, as well as gray, pink, and black glazes.
  • Copper oxide red is erroneously used in animal feed as a nutritional supplement. Copper is absorbed insignificantly due to its poor bioactivity.
  • It is used in the welding of copper alloys.