Tin Oxide White

Tin Oxide White

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Tin oxide is an inorganic substance formed by the combination of tin and oxygen. Tin is classified as a metal in the fourteenth group of the current periodic table. Tin is also known as stannum. Tin produces two types of oxides: stannous oxide (Black) and stannic oxide (White).

Molecular Formulae- SnO2

Alternative Names- Stannic Oxide, Tin (IV) oxide

Country of Origin- India



  • Tin oxide white is used in the production of ceramic glasses.
  • Tin oxides are used in surface polishing.
  • Tin oxide white acts as a catalyst in a variety of chemical processes.
  • The magnetic properties of tin oxide white nanoparticles are used in magnetic data storage and magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Catalysts, energy-saving coatings, and anti-static coatings all use tin oxide white.
  • It's used in solar cells, electrodes, and anti-reflective coatings.
  • Tin oxide white is used in gas sensors, optoelectronic devices, and resistors.


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