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Sodium PCA Liquid

Sodium PCA Liquid

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DESCRIPTION- This astounding ingredient is extracted naturally from either vegetables, coconut oil, fruits, or the revered seaweed. Celebrated for its ultra-hydrating and moisturizing benefits, it is used in manufacturing serums, conditioners, cosmetics, and emollients at large.

 INCI Name- Sodium PCA

Molecular Formula- C5H6NNaO3

Country of Origin- China


  • It pulls moisture into the skin tissues and locks it there to provide long-lasting hydration.
  • Our Sodium PCA is your secret weapon of anti-aging since it substantially reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It reduces inflammation, regenerates skin cells, and makes your skin look breathtakingly gorgeous.
  • When added to moisturizers it boosts their effectiveness.
  • You can add it to your conditioners for an enhanced volume, slip, shine, and moisture.
  • Add this to your foundation or lipsticks and your skin and lips will never dry out.


  • It acts as a humectant by absorbing water from the surroundings into the skin.
  • It works by forming a film on the surface and this reduces static build-up.


  • It is usually used in the 5% - 10 % concentration range.
  • It is soluble in water and ethanol and is insoluble in oils.


  • Add our pure Sodium PCA to the heated water phase.
  • Stir with mild agitation until it dissolves.
  • Incorporate the oil phase slowly into the water phase by constantly stirring.
  • Add the active ingredients to complete the formulation.