Oil Camphor

Oil Camphor

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Camphor oil is extracted from the wood of camphor trees, known scientifically as Cinnamomum camphora, and it has a strong aroma. Camphor oil has a variety of uses. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is often an ingredient in vapor rubs, liniments, and balms. 

it is used to relieve irritation, itching, and pain. As an ingredient in different products, it can also help ease inflammatory conditions and chest congestion.

In addition, camphor oil is popular in cooking, predominantly in India. Camphor oil can also help reduce chronic muscle and joint pain over longer periods. Camphor oil is popular in aromatherapy, as it helps relieve  respiratory congestion.

It can also help ease coughs in children and adults. It can be used topically to relieve pain, irritation, and itching. It has a strong odor and taste and is easily absorbed through the skin. Camphor is a natural remedy to delay hair greying. Camphor has a strong fragrance that helps in killing the lice. It thoroughly cleanses your hair scalp.