Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium Stearate

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Magnesium stearate is a soap composed of two equivalents of stearate and one magnesium cation. Magnesium stearate comes in the form of a white powder. Its softness, insolubility in many solvents, and low toxicity make it useful in a variety of applications such as medications and cosmetics as a releasing agent as well as a component or lubricant.

INCI Name- Magnesium Stearate

Molecular Formulate- Mg (C18H35O2)2

Alternative Names- Magnesium Octadecanoic, Octadecanoic acid, Magnesium salt, Stearic acid, Magnesium salt

Purity of Ingredient- 99%

Country of Origin- India


  • Our magnesium stearate allows the ingredients in the product to stick to the skin and gives the skin a greasy touch.
  • It is a common ingredient in bathtub rings as it improves adhesion, slip, and the texture of the skin.
  • It gives a silky smooth effect and works as an additive to your finished product.
  • It has water-resistant and oil-absorbing properties, which is an advantage for foundation bases.
  • It works as an excellent element for those with oily skin since it absorbs oil and aids in the retention of goods on the skin.
  • It serves as a thickening agent when added to hair oils.
  • Magnesium stearate works as soap scum when combined with water.


  • It works by binding the water and oil phases of the formulation together.
  • It works by providing thickness and stability to your formulation by preventing the separation of solvents.


  • It is recommended that it should be used at a concentration of 5-10%.
  • It is insoluble in both water and oil.


  • Prepare the oil and water phases of your formulation separately.
  • While blending the two phases, add our magnesium stearate to the mixture.
  • Blend them properly using a mini-mixer or a large mixing spoon until a homogenous mixture is created.
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