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Silicon Oil/Dimethicone 350CST
Silicon Oil/Dimethicone 350CST

Silicon Oil/Dimethicone 350CST

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Popularly called the ‘chemist’s swiss army knife’ this compound is a man-made silicone-based polymer that is synthesized from silicones extracted from quartz. It is hard to miss on the labels of products because of its vast expanse of use. It enhances the properties of the ingredients and the formulations it is added to and makes their application more pleasing.


INCI name- Dimethicone

Molecular Formula-(C2H6OSi)nC4H12Si

Purity - 99%

Alternate Name-Polydimethylsiloxane, PDMS, Silicon Oil



  • Its application brings immense benefits to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
  • It is thick and thin of most products like shampoos, soaps, conditioners, makeup products like primers, foundations, and it is used in antiperspirants, aftershave lotions, and shaving creams.
  • It is non-comedogenic, therefore it helps improve the skin barrier and protects it from environmental damage.
  • It prevents moisture loss from skin and hair and keeps it hydrated and frizz-free.
  • When utilized in various formulations as a base ingredient, it works as an anti-foaming agent.
  • Additionally, it is used in the manufacturing of rubbery caulks, adhesives, sealants, and water-repelling wall coatings.


  • It works by forming a layer over the skin or hair and does not penetrate it.
  • It works by acting as an emulsifier and keeps the product from separating.


  • It is insoluble in water and oils and is soluble in mineral spirits, acetone, ethanol, glycol, and fatty acids.
  • The recommended concentration for use is 1%-5%.


  • Add to the oil phase of formulas by stirring continuously.
  • Do not heat over 50°C/125°F.
  • It can be mixed into emulsions after the temperature reaches 50°C/125°F.