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Diatomaceous Earth

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DESCRIPTION- Our diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sand that is taken from the dry or submerged lake and sea base sediments. It is made up of minute skeletons of algae called diatoms that have been fossilised over millions of years. There are two forms of diatomaceous earth: food-grade, which is edible, and filter grade, which is inedible but has numerous industrial applications. They are employed as abrasives, absorbents, anti-caking and bulking agents, non-surfactant dispersants, and opacifying agents in cosmetics and personal care products. They can also be used topically as a face mask or scrub.


INCI Name- Diatomaceous earth

Molecular Formulae- SiO2

Alternative Names- Silicon Dioxide, Diatomite, Kieselguhr

Purity of the Ingredients- 99% 

Country of Origin- India



  • It increases hair development, supports good skin, and strengthens bones and nails.
  • Our diatomaceous earth is extremely cleansing and anti-oxidant. It aids in the prevention of wrinkles and premature ageing, resulting in younger-looking skin.
  • It is high in organic silica, which protects you from the sun’s damaging UV rays and works as a natural sunscreen.
  • It's well-known for being used in micro-exfoliating scrubs to give powerful and uniform exfoliation.
  • It is also used in face masks to exfoliate dead skin cells and excess oil.
  • Food grade diatomaceous earth is used as a pesticide to remove the waxy outer covering of an insect's exoskeleton.
  • Our diatomaceous earth aids in digestive system cleansing and promotes healthy digestion. It improves cholesterol levels and the health of the heart.


  • It works by absorbing excess oil and impurities from your skin and hair.
  • These impurities can then be rinsed off easily.


  • It is recommended that it be used at a concentration of 1-5% for cosmetics and a concentration of 10-15% for agricultural and gardening purposes.
  • It is partially soluble in water but is insoluble in oil.


  • Add our diatomaceous earth to the water phase of your formulation in the recommended concentration.
  • Mix them properly using a mini-mixer or a mixing blush until all the lumps are removed.
  • Blend it with the oil phase.
  • Add active ingredients and other natural substances to it as per your requirements.



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