Cobalt Oxide

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Cobalt oxide is an inorganic substance that is characterized as a gray or olive-green solid. It is widely used as an ingredient in the ceramics industry to generate blue-colored glazes and enamels, as well as in the chemical sector to produce cobalt salts. Cobalt oxide has been used as a coloring additive on kiln-fired ceramics for ages. The addition produces a deep blue tint known as cobalt blue. It's also used to make cobalt blue glass.

Molecular Formulae- CoO

Alternative Names- Cobaltous Oxide, Cobalt Monoxide, Cobalt (II) Oxide

Country of Origin- India



  • Cobalt oxide generates more intense purples and reddish blues in oxidation and reduction firings.
  • When combined with white clay bodies, this colorant can be used to create blue slips. In this manner, you may generate many different colors of blue with varying intensities.
  • In addition, when blended in the right quantities with iron and manganese, it is possible to generate strong blacks. 
  • In general, cobalt oxide is a colorant that is generally stable in all kiln atmospheres. 
  • Cobalt oxide is another popular ingredient in ceramic decals, and it is the colorant that has traditionally been linked with Delft ceramics.
  • Using cobalt oxide in washes and with brush application adds another layer of vibrancy to the surface ornamentation of ceramics.