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Cetostearyl Alcohol
Cetostearyl Alcohol

Cetostearyl Alcohol

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DESCRIPTION- Derived from nature’s delicious and heavenly tasting coconuts, corn, and palm kernels, this amazing ingredient is used as an emollient in skincare and cosmetic formulations and is one of the best stabilizers available in the market these days.

INCI Name- Cetostearyl Alcohol

Molecular Formula- C34H72O2

Alternate Names- Cetearyl alcohol, Cetylstearyl alcohol

Country of Origin- India


  • You can find this in your lotions, hair removal creams, sunscreens, makeup items, shampoos, conditioners, setting sprays, etc.
  • You can add it to your moisturizers to make them more hydrating and nourishing.
  • It is a powerful emulsifier and can be used in any cosmetic formulation.
  • If you want a foamy and opaque shampoo that hydrates your tresses, consider adding this to it.
  • This fatty alcohol will provide excellent shine, slip, and conditioning to your hair.


  • It works as a stabilizer and prevents the oil and water from separating.
  • It is a surfactant that builds foam and thickness in the products.


  • The recommended concentration of use is 0.5%-10%.
  • It is soluble in alcohols and oils and is insoluble in water.


  • Heat the water phase and oil phase separately to 54o
  • Melt our cetostearyl alcohol and add it to the emulsion.
  • Blend it well until an emulsion is formed.
  • Finally, adjust the pH.