Calcium Carbonate Heavy (Calcite)

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Calcium carbonate is found in rocks as the mineral calcite and aragonite, and it is the major component of eggshells, gastropod shells, shellfish skeletons, and pearls. The active substance in agricultural lime is calcium carbonate. It is used in medicine as a calcium supplement or as an antacid, but excessive ingestion can be dangerous, causing hypercalcemia and intestinal problems. 

Molecular Formulae- CaCO3

Alternative Names- Aragonite, Calcite, Chalk, Lime, Limestone

Country of Origin- India



  • The primary application of calcium carbonate is in the construction sector, where it is used as a building material, as limestone aggregate for road construction, as a component in cement, or as the starting material for the creation of builders' lime by kiln burning.
  • Calcium carbonate is frequently utilized in medicine as a low-cost dietary calcium supplement for usage as a gastrointestinal antacid (such as Tums and Eno).
  • It can be used as a phosphate binder to treat hyperphosphatemia (primarily in patients with chronic kidney failure).
  • It is used as an inert filler for tablets and other medications in the pharmaceutical business.
  • Agricultural lime, powdered chalk, or limestone, is used as a low-cost technique for neutralizing acidic soil and preparing it for planting. It is also used in the aquaculture business to adjust the pH of pond soil before starting culture.
  • Calcium carbonate is an important element in several home cleaning powders, including Comet, and is used as a scrubbing agent.