Barium Sulphate

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Barium sulfate is an inorganic, white, odorless, and crystalline compound. It is found in the mineral barite, which is the most common commercial source of barium and barium-based products. Its major applications take advantage of its white, opaque look and great density.

INCI Name- Barium Sulfate

Molecular Formulae- BaSO4

Alternative Names- Barite, Blanc Fixe, Pigment White 22

Purity of Ingredient- 99%

Country of Origin- India


  • The most common application for barium sulfate is in oil well drilling fluid. It enhances the fluid's density, lowering the risk of a blowout.
  • The radiocontrast agent barium sulfate in suspension is commonly used in medical treatments such as X-ray imaging and other diagnostic procedures.
  • It is mostly used to image the GI tract during a procedure called a "Barium Meal."
  • The bulk of barium sulfate is used in the manufacture of white paint pigments.
  • It is used as a coating for some photographic sheets in photography. It's also used as a coating to equally disperse light.
  • In vibrational mass damping applications, barium sulfate is typically used as a filler to improve the density of the polymer.
  • It is used in brake linings, acoustic foams, powder coatings, and root canal fillings. 


  • It should be used at a concentration of 1 to 6%.
  • It is insoluble in water and alcohol but is soluble in hot, concentrated sulfuric acid.