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1 3 propanedial /1,3 Propanediol

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DESCRIPTION- It is a natural and green product, colourless, paste-like, water-soluble liquid derived from corn sugar and has a low but sweet smell. It is used as a moisturising ingredient for hair and skin products like conditioners and shampoos.

INCI Name- Propane-1, 3-diol

Molecular Formula- C3H8O2

Alternate Names- 1,3- Dihydroxypropane, Trimethylene glycol

Country of Origin- India


  • Propanediol is a surfactant and an excellent agent for hydration that can be found in many moisturising products.
  • Most hair products like Shampoos, conditioners, leave-on conditioners and many different styling products like hair gels and sprays, contain it.
  • It is a natural and green product and has no harmful chemicals.
  • It will do wonders if you are concerned about dry skin or hair. Besides, it is used to protect the skin and hair from excessive dryness and the harmful effects of the sun on them.
  • You can use our Propanediol in your DIY mixes to increase the clarity and viscosity of the solution, and additionally, reduce the use of salts in your solution.
  • The foam produced using Propanediol is thicker and smoother and will definitely give a better texture and creaminess to your solution.
  • It has a neutral pH which makes it excellent for a huge variety of products.
  • It is non-toxic and does not cause allergies even at a higher concentration.


  • It works by locking moisture into skin and hair and also acts as a protective barrier hindering the removal of moisture at a high rate.
  • It works by making the absorption of other products of choice easier on both skin and hair.
  • It works by repairing and strengthening the natural moisture barrier of skin and hair and in the process repairs them.


  • Depending on the type of formulation, the recommended usage concentration is 1-10% with a maximum concentration of 20%.
  • It is soluble in water, acetone, and ether but is insoluble in Oil.


  • Add Propanediol to the water phase during the heating process.
  • The oil phase has to be heated separately.
  • Blend the phases using any mixing device of your choice.
  • Mix until a homogenous solution is formed.

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