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How to Make Body Oil / Massage Oil

How to Make Body Oil / Massage Oil

Since ancient times, massage has been used to soothe and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Relaxation, reduced muscle tension, enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage, decreased stress, anxiety, and depression, increased mobility, improved skin tone, and recovery from soft tissue injuries are just a few advantages of massage therapy. There are numerous different massage techniques, but all require two things: sensitive (and open) hands, and massage oil. Use homemade massage oil to cut costs. Making your own massage oil allows you to make tiny, customised batches that are tailored to your needs financially, skin-wise, and olfactory.


Make Your Own Massage Oil at Home

What you'll need to produce your own massage oil is: -


A carrier oil

Preferred essential oil

A container for holding your oil


For the ideal massage, create your own massage oils that are perfumed with your favourite essential oils.


What is a carrier oil?


Vegetable oils called "carrier oils" are used to spread or "carry" essential oils across the skin.


 Numerous oils can be applied during a massage. For instance, ayurvedic massage frequently uses sesame oil. They can be excellent choices if you have avocado or macadamia nut oil in the cupboard.


What is an essential oil?

Essential oils, on the other hand, are extracted from the leaves, flowers, roots, and bark of plants. They are strong since they are distilled, and if applied straight on the skin, they might irritate it.


Essential oils frequently smell considerably stronger and have more potent active components than the plants from which they are derived. This has to do with how much plant material is necessary to produce essential oil. While essential oils are not required for massages, they can make them more sensual (in terms of scent) and perhaps have potential therapeutic benefits. Despite the fact that essential oils are natural, you must use caution when utilising them.



Recipe for massage oil


Carrier oil in 30 ml

18 drops of your preferred essential oil

Jar or q bottle



Fill the bottle with the carrier oil.

Apply 18 drops of essential oils as directed in the following formula.

Shake the bottle to blend.




Don't worry; we've got you covered if you're wondering where to find the oils to produce a DIY massage oil. Since we specialise in cosmetics and have been a cosmetic supplier since 1942, Aseschem has all the elements to naturally enhance your attractiveness. So why are you still waiting? It's time to use Aseschem to create your preferred massage oil.

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