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Moringa Natural Powder

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DESCRIPTION- This herbal powder is sourced from the dried moringa plant which grows mostly in the southern regions of the Himalayas and is touted as a superfood for being a good source of iron, calcium, vitamin A, B6, C and E, potassium, and riboflavin.

INCI Name- Moringa Oleifera

Alternate Names- Horseradish, Drumstick, Shobhanjana, Shingu

 Purity of the Ingredient-99%

Country of Origin- India


  • It aids your immune system in fighting against chronic diseases.
  • When consumed regularly, it will improve the health of your liver and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • You can use it as a herbal tea to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and inflammation in the body.
  • It purifies the blood and keeps acne and pimples at bay.
  • It improves skin radiance drastically and supports the skin barrier to function properly.
  • Apply it on your skin for a delightful at-home spa session.
  • It keeps your skin glowing by removing build-up, excess sebum, and dirt, and that paves way for pleasantly clear skin.
  • Being anti-bacterial in nature, it keeps your scalp healthy, dandruff and itch-free.
  • When used as a hair mask it increases blood circulation to the scalp, reduces extra oil, and promotes hair growth.


  • It acts as a detoxifier that improves the overall health of the person.
  • It penetrates the tissues to deliver the host of nutrients it is rich in.


  • For external application on the skin, add this to water and make a thick paste.
  • For external application on the hair, add this to oil or water or both and make a thick paste.