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Aluminium Oxide Calcined

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Aluminum oxide calcined is an aluminum oxide that has been roasted to such high temperatures that practically all chemically associated water has been removed. Alumina possesses exceptional chemical purity, severe hardness, high density, and a high melting point in this form. It has great electrical resistivity at high temperatures, as well as superior thermal conductivity, and heat and shock resistance.

Molecular Formulae- Al2O3

Alternative Names- Calcined Alumina, Aloxide, Aloxite, Alundum

Country of Origin- India


  • Most of the aluminum oxide calcined is used to produce aluminum.
  • Aluminum oxide calcined is helpful in abrasives, glass, porcelains, spark plugs, and electrical insulators.
  • Aluminum oxide is a popular filler for plastics since it is chemically inert and white.
  • Aluminum oxide is a popular sunscreen chemical that is also included in cosmetics such as blush, lipstick, and nail paint.
  • Aluminum oxide is a common component in many glass compositions.
  • Aluminum oxide is commonly employed in the removal of water from gas streams.
  • It is commonly used as an abrasive, especially as a less costly alternative to industrial diamond. Aluminum oxide crystals are used in several types of sandpaper.
  • Aluminum oxide flakes are employed in the paint for ornamental purposes, such as in the automotive or cosmetic sectors.