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Tips for DIY Plant Care

Tips for DIY Plant Care

Making the new habit of taking good care of plants is one of the major obstacles to changing our ways as Plant Killers. When it comes down to it, caring for plants can be quite easy.


Here are some of the top methods for caring for plants:


  • Make sure your plants are receiving the right quantity of water, light, and temperature.
  • Watering only when necessary and on schedule
  • making sure plants receive the right amount of light.
  • keeping an eye out for any changes in your plant
  • Keeping plants at the right temperature and away from air conditioning and heating vents
  • Cleaning of damaged or dead leaves from indoor plants
  • Plant cleaning
  • replanting every one to two years in new soil


You are not alone if you feel like it would be too difficult to overcome your plant-killing tendencies or if you just don't have the energy to add anything else to your to-do list. A list of best practises is one thing, but putting those standards into practise is quite another.


The eight suggestions listed below have made it simpler for people to put the best plant care techniques into practise and have helped them develop healthy plant care habits.


Recognize the plant. Look it up, understand the scientific name, what pH, fertiliser, and water it requires. You should also study how to combine plants with similar needs and how to enhance ANY soil.



  1. Begin modestly!

If you consider yourself to be a "Plant Killer," starting with a small number of plants rather than as many as you can fit on your shelves can help you gain knowledge and confidence, and it will be simpler to form the habit of caring for your plants properly.


  1. Recognize the requirements of your plants

Don't worry, we did all the research for you. Finding out exactly what your plant needs and how to care for each plant is half the battle. Each of our plant care kits includes things that are specifically formulated for the needs of the plant, as well as tried-and-true care instructions.


  1. Try it out!


Experimentation is a key component of creating your own plant collection and mastering the techniques for taking good care of your plants. We advise you to be open to trying new things and to keep an eye out for indications that your plant may be attempting to tell you that your care needs to be adjusted. It's important to be ready to lose some plants. Everything involved with learning!


  1. Complement an existing weekly habit with your plant-care regimen.

Plant care is not a work of a day it is a habit that will gradually develop inside you with the time. No matter to worry about, it will obviously take some time to keep up but will definitely end up with the best results.


  1. Use technology


We're all for getting away from technology and into nature, but because technology is so prevalent in our lives nowadays, why not make the most of it? Ask Siri to "Remind me to water my cacti and succulents the first Sunday of the month," which is one of our favourite ways to use a calendar. Other plant duties can be divided into weekly chunks so you never forget!


  1. Be flexible with the seasons.


It's crucial to re-evaluate your plant care each season to account for the shifting requirements of your plants as the seasons change and the weather gets hotter or colder. In the depths of winter and on the hottest day of the summer, your plant won't require the same quantity of water and sunlight.


  1. Make it enjoyable.


Put on some of your favourite songs and take care of yourself as you take care of your plants. Having a dance party with all of our plant pals is one of our favourite ways to add a little extra fun to plant maintenance. Two tested techniques to improve your happiness? dancing and taking care of plants!


  1. Give to yourself.


What better method to reinforce good plant care practises than with new plants? All new habits need positive reinforcement. With these advice on creating habits, even the most infamous Plant Killer will be able to develop the greatest plant care techniques. You won't be able to refer to yourself as a "Plant Killer" for much longer!


With Aseschem’s plant care kits, it is much simpler to develop excellent plant care practises because it is us who can care for the plants and make the best out of it.  We have explored so much about the things we provide and hence we can fully assure you that it will never harm your plants and you can easily do plant care. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Aseschem now!

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