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Xanthan Gum/E415
Xanthan Gum/E415
Xanthan Gum/E415

Xanthan Gum/E415

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Xanthum Gum

DESCRIPTION- This white chalk-like substance is derived naturally by fermentation of carbohydrates sourced from corn, wheat, or milk and is of immense value in the food, personal care, and cosmetics industry. Its application in the form of a viscosity enhancer and a binding agent has garnered a lot of appreciation by formulators.

 INCI Name- Xanthan gum

Molecular Formula- C36H58O29P2

Alternate Names- Corn sugar gum, Gum xanthan, Biozan R

 Purity of the Ingredient- 99%

 Country of Origin- India


  • Our xanthan gum acts as a marvelous natural skin conditioner and a gelling agent when used in serums and creams.
  • It prevents oils, present in your cosmetics, from separating.
  • You can use it to stabilize and increase the shelf life of your formulations by leaps and bounds.
  • When used as a food additive, it improves the texture, consistency, flavor, and shelf life of the foods.
  • You can use it in salad dressings, sauces, beverages, dairy products, syrups, toppings, baked goods, confectioneries, and candies.
  • In Cosmetics it is used to thicken the formulation


  • It works by keeping solid particles suspended in the solution to improve stability and texture.
  • It acts as a viscosity enhancer to thicken the formulation.


  • The typical usage level is between 0.5% to 2%.
  • It is soluble in water and ethanol and is insoluble in oil.


  • Pre-mix our xanthan gum with glycerine or propylene glycol.
  • Add this to the water phase and stir continuously.
  • Heat the solution and incorporate the oil phase.
  • Add other ingredients to the emulsion.