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Pure Spearmint Essential Oil

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DESCRIPTION- Our spearmint oil is an all-natural, chemical-free essential oil that is steam distilled from the leaves of spearmint, which is native to Europe and southern temperate Asia. Spearmint has gained the title "The Gentler Mint Oil" due to its gentler aroma and milder effects, making it perfect for kids, the elderly, and individuals with sensitive skin. 

INCI Name- Mentha Spicata oil

Alternative Names- Garden Spearmint oil, Green Mint oil, Fish Mint oil


  • Our spearmint oil is believed to deeply condition the scalp and hair, repairing split ends and providing soothing relief from dryness and irritation, such as itching caused by dangerous bacteria, fungi, and dandruff. 
  • It promotes the creation of new tissue and skin, resulting in a cleaner, brighter, more uniformly toned complexion. It helps in unclogging pores and promotes cleaning in moisturisers like lotions, leaving the skin feeling cool and rejuvenated.
  • It acts as a supporting and protective agent, not only improving skin health but also healing the damage caused by pollution and environmental stress, which promotes premature skin ageing.
  • The antioxidant properties of our oil, when used topically and cosmetically, minimise the appearance of wrinkles and skin flaws such as discolouration.
  • It is used to treat a variety of diseases, including skin problems, headaches, nausea, vomiting, respiratory difficulties, and cold symptoms.
  • When used in aromatherapy, spearmint oil is supposed to help relieve nasal congestion. It has a revitalizing, energising effect on the body, improving mood, focus, and invigorating the skin. Its invigorating, rejuvenating aroma helps to elevate one's spirits and soothe emotional tension.


  • It absorbs moisture from the air and deposits it deep inside your skin and hair.
  • It creates a protective barrier that not only aids in moisture retention but also boosts your hair and skin's natural moisture retention capabilities.


  • It can be used at a concentration of 1-5%.
  • It is soluble in oil and alcohol but is insoluble in water. 


  • Heat the oil and water phases separately using a double boiler.
  • Add our spearmint oil to the heated oil phase.
  • Add any carrier oil of your choice to the oil phase. We recommend using our avocado carrier oil for the best results.  
  • Add a few drops of other essential oils to the oil phase. We recommend using our cedarwood or sandalwood essential oils for the best aromatic blend.  
  • Blend both the phases using a mini-mixer or a mixing spoon to create a homogeneous mixture.