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Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil
Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil

Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil

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DESCRIPTION- Our Cinnamon oil is an all-natural essential oil that is derived from the leaves or bark of the True Cinnamon tree which is a native of Sri Lanka. It is known widely for its sweet and spicy smell. It is used in many products ranging from medicinal to perfumes to cosmetics. In cosmetics, it is used in many forms like oils, gels, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and sprays

INCI Name- Cinnamomum vervun oil

Purity of the Ingredients- 100%


  • Our cinnamon oil is a miracle product for people having acne-prone and flaky skin, as it helps in preventing and treating dryness, acne and acne scars.  
  • It is a good conditioner for your hair and its regular use can stimulate hair growth.   
  • It repairs and strengthens your damaged hair and fights dandruff. 
  • It has great anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that are proven to be effective against many infections and inflammatory conditions.
  • It is very popular as a fixative in manufacturing perfumes.
  • Our cinnamon oil is used in aromatherapy to treat sadness, faintness, and weariness, as well as to increase libido and enhance immunity.


  • It works by extracting moisture from the air and depositing it deep into your skin and hair.
  • It forms a protective barrier that not only aids in moisture retention but also boosts your hair's and skin's natural moisture retention capability.


  • It can be used at a concentration of 1-10%.
  • It is soluble in oil and alcohol but is insoluble in water. 


  • Heat the oil and water phase separately.
  • Add our cinnamon oil to the heated oil phase.
  • Add any carrier oil of your choice into the oil phase. We recommend using our coconut oil as a carrier oil. 
  • Blend both the phases using a mini-mixer or a mixing spoon to create a homogeneous blend.